Mothers’ Day Flowers 2014 wall hanging

There’s something about the pre felting that makes me wish I could keep it just like that. Like a Victorian painting, dusky with a certain appeal to the romantic soul … Bye bye the soapy water is a coming.

First of the Anemones Back Garden 2014

Meadow Regent’s Park 2014


One of my fave holiday selfies

Absolutely beautiful!

my grandaughter, thought I’d sent this message to her….
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I have a tape of a Tibetan nun singing a mantra of compassion over and over for an hour, eight words over and over, and every line feels different, feels cared about, and experienced as she is singing. You never once have the sense that she is glancing down at her watch, thinking, “Jesus Christ, it’s only been fifteen minutes.” Forty five minutes later she is still singing each line distinctly, word by word, until the last word is sung.

Mostly things are not that way, that simple and pure, with so much focus given to each syllable of life as life sings itself. But that kind of attention is the prize. To be engrossed by something outside ourselves is a powerful antidote for the rational mind, the mind, that so frequently has it’s head up its own ass ~ seeing things in such a narrow and darkly narcissistic way that it presents a colo-rectal theology, offering hope to no one.

Bird by Bird Some Instructions on Writing and Life - Anne Lamott

Old Liberty cotton dressing gown with shredded ties from too many machine washes. Wish I had spent time drawing today rather than posting endless stressful posts on Facebook ….

My Gudrun shirt and dress hanging on door… With a little help from lovely app

I have no memories of being shaken like a pepper pot.  Or Worthing. Or coming back home and showing my happiness by jumping up and down in my cot! But from the number of times I heard this story I realise that I must have cried a very long time to irritate/upset/worry my mother to the point where the shaking was her only option!  Apparently I screamed so loudly that I kept all the guests in the Hotel awake.  After this I was entrusted to Kinny’s care and didn’t go on holiday with my parents until I was old enough to talk and too old to be shaken like a pepper pot!  

The beginning of the journey.  You have it all in front of you, the insects, wild flowers and clear blue sky.  It’s all yours, the smells, the sounds and the sheer glory of it all..

Eventually you reach the trees and somewhere, behind them, you stop noticing the insects and the wild flowers and the clear blue sky. Now you don’t need those things.  You have plans to make, things to do.  Occasionally you will take a brief look at the insects but not with curiosity as you did before. Or you might buy flowers wrapped in cellophane but you don’t touch their soft petals.  And what of that clear blue sky? Well things have changed so much, the sky isn’t as blue as it used to be you will say to friends and they will all agree.  No the sky isn’t as blue as it used to be when we were children.